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Jesse Anderson Band is a 5-piece American rock, pop, and folk band from Minneapolis, MN. The band formed in 2022 from a collaboration between singer/songwriter Jesse Anderson and some highly talented local music friends (Brody Kucera, Ben Brunfelt, Bob Delage, Jake Johnson) who met from networking in the Twin Cities area. Their unique eclectic style is catchy and compelling, filled with relatable stories and upbeat fun. Usually joyful, sometimes moody, but always interesting with positive vibes that will make you want to dance and smile. Comparisons to Dave Matthews Band, Tom Waits, Beck, and Coldplay are not far off.

They’ve been touring around the Midwest, driving to the far-flung reaches of North/South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, as well as the Twin Cities itself. Currently, the band is working on a couple new singles and a 2nd album that will launch within the next few months. A typical show is 1 to 2 hours and we can provide additional acts if a longer lineup is desired.


Rock/Funky - “Little Brother”


Folk/Piano - “Rapidly Growing Still”


Rock/Chill - “Funny, Honey”


Folk/Inspirational - “How Far Will You Go”



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